Organic Protein

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  • Now with 22g of plant-based protein and 5g of fiber
  • Only 2g of sugar per serving
  • Gluten & dairy free
  • No artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners
Healthy professionals, busy moms, athletes and students – your protein needs can be conveniently met. Add high-quality protein and extra nutrition to your active day and fuel your life organically.
Now with 22g of plant-based protein and 5g of fiberOnly 2g of sugar per servingGluten & dairy freeNo artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners
Delicious Plant–Based Protein!
Ideal for::
Healthy & Active Lifestyle
1 Serving (2 Scoops)
Added Benefits::
Fruit & Veggie Blend
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New look & a great new taste!

Your favorite plant-based protein got a makeover – inside and out. Our Organic Protein looks as good as it tastes, now with 22g of protein and 5g of fiber to support your active day and fuel your life. Plus, one serving contains only 2g of sugar!

Fuel Your Lifestyle

Whether you are a healthy professional, busy mom, athlete or student, Organic Protein provides you with a convenient way to add extra nutrition to your active day. Protein by itself? Sure! Add it to smoothies and shakes? Absolutely! Include it in your baking for added oomph? Yes, please! We offer quality organic nutrition with premium ingredients at a price you will absolutely love!

All You Need To Know

Plant Based

Featuring 22g of plant-based, organic protein powder, including organic pea protein and organic brown rice, to make sure you are fueling in line with your veg values!


No need to guess on whether you are making the right choice. It’s organic protein you can feel good about.

A Smooth Blend for Your Smoothies

Blends easily for a silky smooth texture to add to smoothies and recipes or to enjoy as a shake. Available in Chocolate or French Vanilla flavor.

Convenient On the Go

No artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners added. It’s gluten free with active probiotics, and has a great-tasting fruit and veggie blend.


Mix 1 serving with 9 to 10 oz. of water or non-dairy beverage, like almond, rice or coconut beverage. Stir vigorously or shake well and enjoy. Ideal for blending into your favorite smoothie recipes, too. Enjoy up to 2 shakes per day.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the typical shelf life?

The typical shelf life of our Organic Protein is two years.

Can I use this protein in recipes and smoothies other than shakes?

Absolutely! Our Organic Protein tastes delicious in various protein recipes, as well as in your favorite smoothie!

Why is there so much space in the container?

This product is filled by weight and not volume, so even though there is some extra space, you are still receiving the exact number of servings that is listed on the label!

What is the amino acid content in the protein?

Generally speaking, plant-based proteins like our Organic Protein are a good source for certain BCAAs such as leucine, isoleucine and valine, which promote muscle development and increase endurance!


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